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Wollemia nobilis

6th February 2009

The discovery of Wollemia nobilis caused a great deal of fuss around the globe, and slowly plants became available to gardeners. I tried to buy one when they were first released, but there were waiting lists and all the rest of the publicity generating nonsense that I got rather jaded, and then ended up with this one almost by accident.
It's long term future in the UK is still uncertain, but it has prospered in the first few years.
I was a little worried when I planted it out - it is rather exposed at the top of the garden, but it doesn't seem to have been damaged by wind....

3rd February 2009

...or cold!

29th May 2011

It grows with pleasing rapidity. When planted it reached up to the point where my own two trunks join to become one (that was put with uncharacteristic delicacy). Now it is a tousled toupe of leaves, mocking my baldness from the same height.
It was three feet, now it is six.

6th October 2012

16th January 2016

6th February 2018