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Woodwardia fimbriata

12th September 2006

The Giant chain fern has potential to be a truly spectacular species. It can reach a height of 2m, though I have never seen one that even approached that size. It comes from the rain forests of British Columbia where the humidity promotes lushness. My plant suffers from dry air and wind damage. I have a second plant in a pot in the greenhouse to see if I can grow a monster with a bit of protection.

7th July 2008

This is the plant I keep under cover - it gets less damaged by cold and wind, but it hasn't grown a lot larger.

22nd May 2009

Outside it seems to be coping with sub-optimal conditions. I'm not entirely convinced about the identification.

13th January 2014

The original plant has been identified as Polystichum munitum. This is the real thing which is looking a bit ragged because it needs a better position and some more light.

24th September 2017

A replacement - does it need saying that it is testing my conditions beyond the limit.