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Woodwardia unigemmata

3rd June 2007

Over the years I have grown a couple of Woodwardia species, and they have always been interesting, so I was happy enough to run into this one at a show. From Bhutan, it also has potential to be a giant, but it is slightly tender. The coppery new growth was a good enough reason to pot it up and grow it in the greenhouse for a bit, until I can see what it is going to do.

30th November 2008

I have found it interesting, but it is very long and lax, with nothing of the poise I usually associate with ferns. It may improve as it matures.

28th June 2014

Growing much faster in a big pot in the Hedychium House.

31st August 2019

Now planted outside in a moist spot under some trees to give it overhead protection.