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Yucca x desmetiana

31st July 2011

I bought this earlier in the year because of the purple tinted foliage. It was labelled Y.aloifolia 'Purpurea' but it has soft drooping foliage and Y.aloifolia is an evil spiky thing. I think this is Y.x desmetiana in which case it isn't very hardy.
There are lots of different theories about the parentage, none of them entirely convincing.

3rd July 2013

3rd April 2016

Humans are profoundly irritating things. This picture stands as a memonto of my plant, stolen overnight by someone who presumably had an overwhelming desire to own an obscure hybrid Yucca. If I find out who it was you can be sure I will be crossing them off my Christmas card list. It's a pity because it was turning into a good looking thing.