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28th May 2006

Roscoea cautleyoides .
This is the earliest of the Roscoea to flower. In some forms the buds will spring out of the stems almost as soon as they break through the surface. This picture shows a wide range of forms. The very latest of them, 'Last Emperor', is yet to appear above the ground. It is a fabulous season for gingers, but also the most worrying time. Many of them have not yet broken through the soil surface, and there is an almost irresistible urge to dig down a little and check they are alright. It is a mistake to dig, all you ever discover is that you have broken off the shoots!

28th May 2006

Roscoea humeana .
This is a nice rich purple form of this small early flowering species. It will be in flower for about a month, but when it finishes, that will be it for another year.

28th May 2006

Roscoea seedlings .
This shows a selection of species grown from seed (these are now in their second year). I am always worried that they will not make it through the winter, they will be too wet in the pots and rot off, or too dry for tiny seedlings and dessicate. May is the nail biting season. Roscoea australis is growing but R.alpina and R.cautleyoides forms are still formant.

28th May 2006

Kaempferia rotunda .
The Kaempferia are the most frustrating gingers that I grow. Currently the pots are showing no signs of life at all and even though I can see the rhizomes are plump and firm I still worry that they are rotting in secret. Last year they didn't start to grow until July, so still plenty of time to worry.

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