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Thats enough introduction - on with the plants!
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... out in the garden.

27th August 2006

Hedychium wardii .
A truly wonderful recent introduction that reliably produces cone shaped heads of yellow flowers in August and will continue to do so for a month or so. It is a thing that your best friends wouldn't tell you, but I suspect that as I get older I am losing my subtle allure! Certainly it took me several years to persuade this foolish yellow fop to have sex (though not with me, I hasten to add) and produce the bouncing babies that are now in the greenhouse. Perhaps I am just losing my touch. Lets draw a discrete veil shall we...(if it's not already too late).

27th August 2006

Hedychium ellipticum .
A beautiful short growing plant. This is the common green bracted form, there is another with rich ruby red floral bracts that looks like fireworks going off in a jar of jam, but this isn't it. It is wonderful to have one that will reliably flower at about three feet tall. It is currently dwarfed by those that are trying to push the roof off of the greenhouse before they will flower. Photographs of those later in the season will probably require the assisstance of a new ladder - so it has all worked out for the best!

27th August 2006

Hedychium horsfieldii .
A tender little poppet - which means I have killed it in the conservatory previously. It now spends the winter on the landing windowsill where for months it looks folornly to the warmer west. The flowers are fun, but not really excessive by ginger standards, but they will be followed by fluorescent orange and pink seed capsules.

Kaempferia laotica 'Shazam' .
There is a lot of enthusiasm for Kaempferia in the Southern States at present, where they are more or less hardy. In the UK you can forget it outdoors, and when they are dormant in winter they will not tolerate being wet. I grow a couple of forms at present and would grow a great many more if I wasn't so talented at killing them. Very late into growth - this is the first leaf unfolding at the end of August, so I am going to try keeping them in growth in a warm greenhouse (so all I have to do now is build one) ( I have a little space put aside for it).

Acorus Alocasia Anemone Arisaema Arum Asarum Aspidistra Begonia Bromeliads Camellia
Carnivorous Cautleya Chirita Chlorophytum Clivia Colocasia Crocosmia Dionaea Drosera Epimedium
Eucomis Fuchsia Galanthus Hedychium Helleborus Hemerocallis Hepatica Hosta Impatiens Iris
Liriope Ophiopogon Pinguicula Polygonatum Ranunculus ficaria Rhodohypoxis Rohdea Roscoea Sansevieria Sarracenia
Scilla Sempervivum Tricyrtis Tulbaghia Utricularia Viola odorata Watsonia

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