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Thats enough introduction - on with the plants!
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... out in the garden.

Another hot week, but finally the wispy clouds have pulled across the sky, and look like they might squeeze out a drop or two of relief tonight. Don't feel like I have done anything in the garden all week, which probably means I haven't, and I don't ache anywhere unexpected, which pretty much proves the point. The first springing of spring has bounced away, and the garden has settled down to the serious task of consolidating frippery into decorative excess. Last month I built some new staging in the greenhouse, to give me room to get through this year. Yesterday I had to build another 5m because it wasn't enough. Seed of annuals to pad out the herabeous border has sprung up, Dahlia are ready for planting out, and the seed on this seasons Hellebores is nearly ripe - I should really be checking every day because when it goes, it all drops at once. Every year I plan to collect it in a controlled , timely fashion. Every year I end up on my hands and knees collecting seed under the plants where it has fallen. Great plans...!

6th May 2007

Iris cristata 'Alba' .
A delightful tiny little Iris. I have grown the blue form for many years, and find it rather shy to flower. This white form is newly arrived from Wildside Nursery, and I would judge two flowers a generous wealth. The plan was to try some hybrids with it, but the days seem to evaporate before it happens.

6th May 2007

Asarum longirhizomatosum .
This came from China a couple of years ago, and has finally worked up the energy to flower. I am far from convinced that it is the real thing - the names from China can be a little confused. Something very similar is doing the rounds as Asarum wulingense. Either way it is a quite astonishing flower. One of th benefits of taking plenty of photographs is that I can sit down in the winter when there is time, and sort out their identities once and for all (ha ha, that's the plan).

6th May 2007

Epimedium 'Pink Elf' .
Robin White at Blackthorn Nurseries has released four new hybrid Epimedium this year. This one is looking fabulous at the moment, compact, dense growing and floriferous. I have a feeling that we will be seeing a great many new Epimedium hybrids in the coming years, and if they are all as good as this they will be welcome. I have lost track of how many thousands of Hemerocallis cultivars there are, but there is certainly space for a few hundred Epimedium.(So brace yourself!)

6th May 2007

Arisaema triphyllum .
Seedling raised from var viride, but since I don't know what viride is supposed tp look like, I can't say if it has come true. All will no doubt become clear at some point. I may even go wild later this evening and Google it! Not particularly green, but the black is very satisfying. Three years ago I sowed seed of A.triphyllum var stewardsonii, which is now flowering with astonishing white striped flowers, and I'm not sure if it should be doing that either!
Clarity comes with all the hassle of a constipated businessman in a first class aircraft lavatory, and with much of the associated groaning.

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