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Thats enough introduction - on with the plants!
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... out in the garden.

23rd March 2008

Epimedium 'Flowers of Sulphur' .
The Easter weekend has been filled with threats of snow but so far although the wind has been a little unruly it has been sunny (and warm in the greenhouse) . It has been a weekend for un-bundling the winter preparations and getting set for summer.
This Epimedium is a new hybrid from Robin White with pale yellow flowers produced early in the season. Most of the Epimedium have started to throw up flower spikes like thin black wires that will soon support unlikely flowers.

23rd March 2008

Ranunculus ficaria 'Limelight' .
The Lesser Celandine season is well underway. I have had problems photographing 'Limelight' over a number of seasons, the green tinge in the flowers doesn't show well in strong light or on older flowers, so I took the chance to take this photo when conditions looked just right. It is a great little plant, nestled among the yellow flowers of the other forms.

23rd March 2008

Ranunculus ficaria 'Wild Red back' .
A rather unpredictable form that I found locally. The red colour on the reverse of the petals varies from dull brownish to pure scarlet , depending on the weather and the light conditions. This picture shows it looking slightly brownish, but strongly coloured. All of the potted Celandines have been moved into a new location and I am hoping that a good showing now is an indication that they are happier where they are.

23rd March 2008

Hippeastrum 'Emerald' .
In the conservatory, the Hippeastrum have been coming up into flower. This is a new one I bought last autumn, and it has been a delight among the giant and exuberant reds. Greenish white flowers speckled with red. This afternoon I cut the flowers off to allow the bulb a chance to fatten up for next year.
See you next week - don't murder any messiahs now!

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