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Thats enough introduction - on with the plants!
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... out in the garden.

16th November 2008

Arisarum vulgare typicum .
More dull grey weather for the week - I have been distracted by other events for much of the time, but when I have managed to get outside, I have been rained on. Last week I was watching this Arisarum flower opening, and I think it is still engaged in the process, but it is open enough to show. A delightful little thing to have in a pot - it isn't nearly as hardy as Arisarum proboscideum and it produces far less leafage, with the advantage that you can see the flowers.
A few early flowers now (well, one actually) but with luck it will continue to produce them for a couple of months.

16th November 2008

Clivia miniata Green Throat .
Just before Easter next year, the Clivia will hit a peak of flowering but they have done well through the summer and many of them are rushing into early flower, full of lusty enthusiasm. There is a chance that the very early ones will get time through the winter to initiate new flower stems for next spring. On the other hand, this may be it!
This one had a good green throat when I first bought it, and has been much paler since, but the green colour is still there. I have a number of seedlings from it growing on, so perhaps the character will be inherited (assuming I find space for them through the winter). Winter is beginning to bite, I have had to move the Sansevieria inside, and I should have done it last week, they are looking a little chilled! I think next week is going to be busy, lots of space to find under cover.

16th November 2008

Narcissus bulbocodium zaianicus lutescens .
More premature springing about the place. I have been looking carefully in the meadow and the earliest of the daffodils have yet to appear above the ground, but the first of the hoop petticoat Narcissus has flowered in the greenhouse. I'm not going to comment on the name, apart from mentioning that there are a lot of names in use, and perhaps rather fewer distinct plants. Very easy in a pot but I don't think I have anywhere in the garden that is under enough control to risk it outside.

16th November 2008


Acorus Alocasia Anemone Arisaema Arum Asarum Aspidistra Begonia Bromeliads Camellia
Carnivorous Cautleya Chirita Chlorophytum Clivia Colocasia Crocosmia Dionaea Drosera Epimedium
Eucomis Fuchsia Galanthus Hedychium Helleborus Hemerocallis Hepatica Hosta Impatiens Iris
Liriope Ophiopogon Pinguicula Polygonatum Ranunculus ficaria Rhodohypoxis Rohdea Roscoea Sansevieria Sarracenia
Scilla Sempervivum Tricyrtis Tulbaghia Utricularia Viola odorata Watsonia

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