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Thats enough introduction - on with the plants!
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... out in the garden.

22nd March 2009

Anemone nemorosa 'Hilda'.
This little Anemone has been the surprise of the week. I have been watching the occasional leaves poking up through the soil in the week,but this one has rushed into flower in a pot in the sun.
Sunny weather all week has moved spring along with great haste - the Magnolia are starting to flower, Pieris and Camellia have pulled out all the stops and the ground is already getting rather dry.
Lots more Anemone to come, this stock of 'Hilda' is early, and a good white, but 'Blue Queen' is almost open and it will eclipse the paler forms.

22nd March 2009

Jeffersonia dubia 'Alba'.
This white form of Jeffersonia dubia suffers from the same problem - the typical species is blue flowered and will open shortly at which point this one will become just another white flower in the background. This is really lovely, but it is a good thing it flowered first.
I have never managed to raise seedlings of any of the Jeffersonia, which is rather feeble of me, and I must put some extra effort in this year if I want to have more about the garden. The flowers are very short lived and the seed also seems to be shed all of a sudden which has added to the problems in the past. This year they are sheltering in the greenhouse away from the wind which has shaken them up in previous years (including the season when Jeffersonia diphylla was in flower for approximately 35 minutes before the petals were shed in the breeze!)

22nd March 2009

Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple Leaf ' .
More blue flowers - this one seems to have popped up out of the bare pot in the last week and come straight into flower. I had forgotten it was there so it comes as a nice surprise. I grow very few Corydalis and they have been far too dry so they are not increasing very well - just one more of those little problems that need to be sorted out. If I could keep them moister, they might increase more, and I might be more interested.Perhaps a deeper pot would help.

22nd March 2009

Cyrtanthus mackenii .
Among the bulbs several have started to grow . They have survived the winter remarkably well, which has been good to see. I don't think that any of the rather 'borderline' things I grow have been damaged despite the very low temperatures this year. I have always assumed that this Cyrtanthus would only tolerate a touch of frost but clearly I have underestimated its toughness. I have always meant to grow more Cyrtanthus and perhaps this survival will stir me into action.

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