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Thats enough introduction - on with the plants!
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... out in the garden.

5th July 2009

Anthurium scherzerianum 'Rothschildianum' .
Summer has been burning through the garden, and the biggest news of the week has been the arival of the rain. After days of threatening clouds that just blew over, finally we got a drop of rain on thursday, and it has continued on and off through the weekend. It has been very welcome, plants were getting shockingly dry. Temperatures have dropped as well, which suits me, though some of the more tropical plants were enjoying it.
This Anthurium has been coaxed into flower - the sun had even reached the conservatory on the north of the house, where the Anthurium shelters for the winter. It shares the space with a heated propagator, and I have finally found a tall enough lid to allow the Costus to grow upright, and they look mightily relieved! This is probably the toughest of the Anthurium, the red flowers speckled with white are the sort of flamboyant excess that summer needs for self validation. The usual form is bright scarlet, but there is also a white form that I wish I grew - it is pale and tasteful and stylish but quite pretty for all that!

5th July 2009

Zantedeschia 'Kiwi Blush' .
Some argument about its parentage, but that isn't as uncommon as you might think. It is usually thought of as a form of Z.aethiopica, with a few pink genes from one of the other species. It would be interesting to grow some seedlings from it, but it is said to be sterile. It has the enthusiastic growth pattern of Z.aethiopica and is hardy, so it makes a good addition to the garden.
Aroids are usually plants for spring and autumn (and I recklessly watered the Biarum this afternoon when I should have left it to dry, which was foolish of me) so it is nice to have a few in flower for the summer.

5th July 2009

Hippeastrum 'Flair' .
Lilies of one sort or another are much more at home in summer. Hippeastrum are usually grown from prepared bulbs to flower in the winter (and even for Christmas), but if they are left to their own devices they flower in late spring and early summer.
'Flair' is a new variety to me, I bought the bulb this spring and it has been slow to produce much in the way of roots, but it doesn't seem to have affected the flowering performance.

5th July 2009

Hemerocallis 'Midnight Dynamite' .
The Hemerocallis have loved the rain. The flower spikes had all formed, but were a bit stunted from the drought, and now there is some moisture about the flowers have all opened at once. This is an amazing colour, though I don't think I would call it beautiful. I find these dark purples very appealing, but I can't think of a good reason why. I think it is just so unexpected. The newer cultivars are a vast improvement on older varieties - 'Black Falcon' is in flower at the same time, and is a laughable dark pink. The darker markings on the flower add to the lunacy, and it is a good name. 'Black Falcon' sold well in its day as well, which shows the value of a good name ( a point entirely lost on most modern hybridists).
With any luck the sunshine and showers will continue through next week - it is too early for Cyclamen, but they can't be far away now!

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