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Thats enough introduction - on with the plants!
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... out in the garden.

27th June 2010

Streptocarpus 'Roulette Azure'.
It has been a stifling hot week, and plants are drying out almost as fast as I can get to them. Fortunately I planted a lot of things out at the start of the year, which is saving some effort. I wish I had found time to finish the job!
I have a few (actually I have four) Streptocarous growing on the windowsill in front of me, and they have been very tolerant and are starting to push up buds now. I tend to overlook them metaphorically as well as literally, so they have to put up with excessive drought at times, but they seem to forgive me.
The first flower that came up was pure white, and I felt a little cheated, but the next spike has the required purple marking around the edge. I have space on the windowsill for just two more plants, and there are now so many that the selection process will be a pleasure.

27th June 2010

Clivia caulescens .
The Clivia are in serious need of repotting, so they haven't figured here lately. In the hot weather all the forms of came and went in a flash. I didn't get any of the pollination done that I wanted, and this poor plant is flowering all alone. Very unfortunate.
Last year I repotted this one because it kept falling over and it has prospered with more water and more space. It grows tall stems (very slowly) and I was keen to keep them from drying out in a pot that was too small. Now it is magnificent, and about five times larger than the overwintering space available.
In the heat of summer the worries of winter begin.

27th June 2010

Epiphyllum 'Pajaro' .
The Epiphyllum have been enjoying a summer break in the greenhouse. They are slower to come into flower than they would have been in a warm greenhouse (instead of stored in trays in the dark) but it is worth the wait. Four red flowered cultivars all opened overnight, and this is the best of them. It is very large, irridescent and tinged with orange. The plants are ungainly and I am toying with the idea of cutting them all back to get new shoots from the base, but I think it would set back my chances of flowers next year.

27th June 2010

Sonchus congestus .
A shrubby dandelion from the mountains of the Canary Isles. I was given a seedling last year and after a difficult winter (with the Epiphyllum unfortunately) it has come into flower. The flowering axis is a little distorted, but I think it should hold out for long enough to produce seed. I am also hoping for some basal branching (no sign yet) so that it can eventually form a large upright shrub. We're going to need a considerably larger pot.

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