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Anagallis tenella 'Studland'

Archive entry 08.07.07

7th July 2007

A wonderful fragile looking creeper that makes ground hugging mats in peat bogs in the UK. This form was collected on Studland Heath in Dorset and supposedly has larger flowers but I'm afraid I can't see it. When I first met the species in the wild I was sinking in a rather ungainly fashion, so the details were perhaps lost on me!

29th June 2008

As you can probably see, it does a nice line in vigour. It has wandered over the side of the pot and is currently making amphibious carpets in the water tray. If there were any sand, a line would have to be drawn in it.

28th June 2009

27th June 2010

20th July 2013

I hadn't seen it for a few years, so I was especially pleased that it turned up in one of the pots standing in a water tray. Not much of a picture by way of celebration, but that's how it goes sometimes.