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Aspidistra patentiloba

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8th April 2005

A dwarf species with broad rounded leaves on upright petioles. My plant is lightly speckled with yellow. Large purple and yellow flowers in midsummer are distinctive, and (for no good reason) remind me of the metal burrs on barbed wire.

13th July 2006

28th July 2007

I have a number of clones of the species, this one has a scattering of yellow dots on the leaves and came from Plant Delights Nursery.

27th November 2008

This one is very vigorous, and came from Barracott plants as 'A.lurida' (and they were quick to add that they know it isn't, they just didn't have any better name at the time.)

20th July 2008

Spectacular when in full flower.

5th July 2009

I have been reviewing the pictures of my plants, which have come from a variety of sources under a variety of names. I have been treating them all as A.patentiloba, but I think I have more than one species here. This one had short petal lobes and irregular markings on the top of the style.

26th July 2009

This one has long petal lobes and a very clear quartered marking on the top of the style. The leaves of both types seem to be the same, but I need to pay them more attention.

3rd September 2011

I don't get very many seed capsules among the Aspidistra so it is worth showing this one. It matured shortly after this picture was taken and contained two large round white seeds.

20th July 2012

3rd August 2013