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Bletilla striata

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16th June 2006

A wonderful orchid that is more or less hardy, and well suited to a light woodland location. I used to grow it in a cool greenhouse, and left it there when I moved to Cornwall. When I have bought bulbs to replace it, I have always had problems getting them to establish - it prefers to be almost dry during the winter when it is dormant. I bought this one from Blackthorn Nurseries, already prospering in a pot, and it has gone from strength to strength.

6th May 2007

It has bulked up well this year, and filled the pot, so there will be some spare to try outside.

18th May 2008

Big enough to split this year, which I could do, but I am convinced it won't survive outside so there isn't much point. I might try planting a piece in the border in a greenhouse before I try anything more reckless.

31st May 2009

6th June 2010

The species grows in China, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam and should be hardy here, but I continue to dither when it comes to planting it out.
I divided the main plant in spring and have some spares to try, but I will wait until next spring before planting out. The rhizomes are not reliably frost hardy, and depend on the protection of the soil to stay clear of frost. Over time the rhizomes rise to the surface of the pot, and will do the same in the ground so need an occasional mulch to protect them.

5th May 2012

6th June 2015

1st May 2019