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Camellia 'Brushfields Yellow'

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20th March 2009

There are very few "yellow" Camellia hybrids available. The yellow flowered species are a little troublesome to grow and I don't think there are any satisfactory hybrids yet, so the best we have are some C.japonica forms, where the yellow of the stamens is carried through onto the petaloids in the middle of the flower. This one, and 'Jury's Yellow' are the best currently available.
I have grown this one several times, and it is possibly the unluckiest plant I have. I fell over on one (dead), I felled a tree on one (dead) and I neglected to protect one overnight when I planted it, and rabbits chewed it to the ground (dead). So this is my fourth try....

11th April 2015

12th February 2020

Raised by Keith Brushfield in Somersby, New South Wales during the 1960's.


  • International Camellia Society online Camellia register, https://internationalcamellia.org