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Disa sagittalis

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15th June 2013

A small species from the eastern Cape, I haven't seen it used in hybridising yet. I tried to pollinate it last year with Disa tripetaloides but it didn't produce any seed.
It hs a similar growth pattern to the other species, the growths mature and flower in mid summer and then the rosettes die away and a new set of offshoots develop. In this case there is a gap between the old rosettes dying and the new growth appearing, so the plant appears to be 'dormant' in late summer, although it is actually producing new shoots below the surface.
I am not convinced that it is hardy here. Young plants have died in the last few hard winters and I have started to cover them up with fleece in the greenhouse on cold nights. Because of its growth cycle, the plants are in full leafy growth at the coldest time of the year.

21st June 2017

For several years I have been growing this under a rather wet regime. Seeing one grown under a much drier system at an AGS show in spring reinforced my developing view that I was doing it wrong. I have two plants and they have both been moved to the alpine house where they are much drier. After flowering the new growth has emerged and I hope it will flower well next spring.

11th October 2018