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Disa Watsonii

Archive entry 11.08.19

21st June 2009

Disa uniflora x Disa Kewensis.
A very early grex raised at Kew and registered in 1900.
An unnamed seedling of the hybrid with good pink flowers.

6th July 2013

Disa uniflora x D. (uniflora x tripetaloides).
A vigorous hybrid, the flower shape has been improved by the back-cross to D.uniflora without reducing the number of flowers on the stem.

30th June 2016

26th July 2018

Disa (Kewensis yellow-orange x uniflora).
My own contribution to the grex includes a number of strong orange flowered plants. I raised the hybrid between Disa Kewensis yellow-orange and Disa uniflora clone.7 (originally fom Steve Taverner). At the time I mistakenly assumed that the yellow-orange form of D. Kewensis was actually a misnamed D. Auratkew which would have made my seedlings D California Gold but in fact I have just recreated D. Watsonii in an unusual colour range.