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Disa Gwennap

Seed Parent
Pollen Parent
Disa aurata
Disa Colette Cywes 'Peach Blush'

Registered 2021.

Archive entry 02.07.17
Archive entry 10.06.18
Archive entry 07.07.19

It is actually D. aurata x D. Colette Cywes 'Peach Blush'.

Disa (aurata x Colette Cywes 'Peach Blush')

29th June 2017

I raised the hybrid hoping to get small plants with decent numbers of smallish flowers on strong stems. I had assumed that I would have to wait for a second generation to get the yellow colour back but the first seedling to flower was this interesting pale orange. As it aged the flower opened more widely, the lower two tepals elongated and the whole flower blushed with pink.
This one is currently labelled "clone 1".

28th July 2017

This is the second one to flower and is completely unlike the first. I am left wondering if this might be a stray pollination from somewhere else, or a stray seed. It is a tall, classic Disa hybrid, stem about 40cm long with large pink flowers.
Unsurprisingly labelled "clone 2". Interesting because of its supposed parentage but otherwise unexceptional.