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Erythronium albidum

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2nd March 2017

A small growing species from the eastern states of North America from Quebec to Texas. Given such a wide geographical range it might be hoped that it wqas adaptable but I tried to grow it in 2014 but it failed to establish. This one was planted in 2016 and has at least had the decency to flower for me. I am hoping that it will be happy where it is and that it will spread by stolons as promised, but I find the smaller species more troublesome than the larger westerners and the hybrids.

27th February 2021

It hasn't been rampant but is has established and there are a couple of young plants growing around the main bulb, so I assume it has produced some stolons. I think it would prefer a slightly moister situation but I'm not going to disturb it while it is small. If the chance arises I will buy another and plant it in a moister part of the garden.