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Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila

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11th May 1999

20th July 2008

Here it is, looking good.

That is really the only reason for it being here.

I planted ten of these trees, in an informal avenue through the garden, in 1982 or 83. A few died, a few blew over, I ran over one with the mower, and I have three or four of them left.

I took the photograph because I was busy with little fiddly photographs of snowdrops, and as I walked back down through the garden, the sun was shining on the trunk, against a beautiful blue sky, and I stopped and was amazed by its beauty. And that is why I grow trees.

20th June 2008

They flower magnificently every year, but I only know about it if there are storms in the night and the flowering twigs get broken off.

3rd February 2009

19th December 2010

The first time I found one of the beautiful little stars on the ground I was mystified and spent several minutes peering at it before the penny dropped.

25th May 2017