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Eucomis bicolor

Archive entry 29.07.07

Archive entry 26.07.09

9th August 2005

Probably the hardiest of the Pineapple Flowers, Eucomis bicolor is quite variable. Some have quite a lot of black spotting under the leaves, and the amount of purple margin to the green petals varies.

1st August 2006

28th July 2007

In a fit of enthusiasm I grew a lot of seed a couple of years ago, hoping for something a bit interesting, and I didn't really get it. I finally got fed up with the space they were using up in the greenhouse, and planted them all out in a raised bed, where they might grow into something quite spectacular.

17th August 2008

26th July 2009

24th July 2011

2nd September 2017

Flowers in the UK are pollinated by flies and they have an unpleasant scent - my advice is don't smell them. They aren't revolting, it is just a lot of bending for no appreciable benefit. In South Africa it is listed as "near threatened" as a result of collection for medical use, but large populations grow in many protected areas and it isn't seriously threatened.

1st September 2021

My main plant was planted outside in the border during spring this year and has flowered well though the leaves have been damaged by the erratic weather through summer.