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Grevillea victoriae

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14th September 2013

In recent years a number of interesting Grevillea have appeared on the market and I have a little space under cover where I can keep things in the dry side, so it seemed like a good time to try something new.
An Australian shrub from south eastern New South Wales and mountains in Victoria. The taxonomy of the Grevillea victoriae complex is still being investigated, but it seems to consist of a number of closely related species. I was told that this one was almost impossible to kill, and it was meant as re-assurance rather than as a challenge. It was rather parched and stunted in a small pot when I was given it, but it has rooted into the soil and started to grow away.
I have been promised orange flowers produced on an erratic schedule. I have seen them on the parent plant. I am not expecting them this year.

11th April 2015

It rapidly grew too large for the Agave house and shortly after this picture was taken I dug it up, fully expecting the root disturbance to kill it. Planted outside it has rapidly re-established and started flowering freely.

3rd January 2018

22nd October 2021