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In the last few years I have become interested in the Pacific Coast Iris, just as the cultivars grown in the UK seem to be slipping into obscurity. I am collecting together those that I can locate and working on ways of cultivating them securely. I don't always succeed.
I am also raising them from seed, much of it sourced from the Society for Native Pacific Coast Iris in the USA.

  • Iris Pacific Coast Seedlings
  • Iris 'Amiguita'
  • Iris 'Broadleigh Amanda'
  • Iris 'Broadleigh Angela'
  • Iris 'Broadleigh Lavinia'
  • Iris 'Broadleigh Nancy'
  • Iris 'Broadleigh Peacock'
  • Iris 'Broadleigh Rose'
  • Iris 'Broadleigh Sybil'
  • Iris innominata
  • Iris innominata 'Apricot'
  • Iris innominata 'Spinners'
  • Iris Pacific Coast Yellow
  • Iris tenax