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Narcissus 'Rijnvelds Early Sensation'

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17th December 2008

Yellow daffodils are a great joy in the spring, but they all look the same after a while, and all there is to choose between them is the season of flowering.
Living in the middle of a daffodil growing region, I don't waste a lot of space on those that flower in February and March. This one flowers in time for Christmas and true to name, it is an early sensation!

17th December 2009

14th February 2010

They make a good display in the meadow at a very welcome time of the year. The scars in the turf mark the removal of some cherry trees. The three in the background are now history - I dug them out in the summer.

25th December 2012

Raised by F. Herbert Chapman in Sussex and registered in 1959 by F. Rijnveld and sons in the Netherlands.

8th December 2018

15th January 2022

I planted a group on the verge outside the house and for the first time in many years they have escaped routine mowing.


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