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Nelumbo nucifera

Archive entry 15.07.18

1st August 2009

This is the common Lotus. The seed was sent to me as 'Lavender Lady' x 'Rubra'. I am not sure that any of the seedlings grew large enough to survive the winter. The largest has gone into a heated tank for the worst months of winter in the hope that it will survive. Currently it is dormant, and I'm not sure how long that continues before it is reclassified as dead.

27th September 2013

My first attempt came to nothing but a friend has grown Lotus successfully just down the road, so I am trying again.
These were grown from seed in the spring and have been in the greenhouse all summer. A few of them have become large enough to produce emergent leaves. With luck they will survive the winter and if they make it I might be encouraged to try something quite extravagant next year.

6th August 2015

15th October 2020