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Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Helvola'

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8th October 2009

Water Lilies are wonderful but I don't have any standing water suitable so I watch them in other people's gardens. Fortunately there are a small number of tiny little dwarf cultivars and I have at last tried this one (in a giant bucket).
Raised by Latour Marliac in France around 1879, it was said to be a hybrid between Nymphaea pygmaea and the yellow flowered N. mexicana. Early descriptions call it canary yellow, later description scale back to pale yellow. I would call it cream.
I think all of the descriptions refer to the same plant, it is so distinctively tiny that it would be difficult to confuse with anything else. Unfortunately in 1898 Mons. R. Latour Marliac himself was one of those calling it canary yellow so the situation isn't entirely clear.

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