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Paeonia cambessedesii

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11th May 2013

I am fond of the Ranunculaceae, but I though my interest would remain confined to the lovers of shade and moisture, which I can reasonably supply. Unfortunately a combination of nostalgia and fondness for big red flowers has pushed me into the path of Paeonia. It is difficult.
Paeonia cambessedesii comes from Majorca, where it is endangered by grazing. It grows on exposed rocky slopes in the mountains in the north-west of the island. It flowers in spring and is magnificent in some of the gardens in the south-east of the UK.
I know it is going to hate my wet soils so I have planted it in the Agave house where it can cavort with mexican succulents and will either prosper into as clump of magnificent beauty or it will die and I will have to think it out again. I don't think I have the option of giving up.
The leaves are glaucous, pale green with rich red undersides and would attract attention if you weren't hoping for gigantic pink cauldrons of wonder as well.
As you can see, I have offered it some rocks in the hope that they will warm up in the sun and keep it snug at night.

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