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Philesia magellanica

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10th June 2023

An evergreen shrub that spreads slowly by suckers if it is cool, moist and lightly shaded, under which conditions it is happy. It comes from Chile and its range extends to the Straits of Magellan, so it should be hardy in the UK. That is not its reputation although it is sometimes found growing in surprising northern gardens. If truly happy it is capable of scrambling up the trunk of a tree.
I have two forms of Philesia magellanica and although I have been aware of the slight difference for many years, I have not known what to make of it. I am now convinced that my paler plant is P.m. 'Rosea' and that this one is more typical of the species. Unfortunately, just as I became clearer on the matter, my camera died. At the crucial moment I had to rely on an old stand-bye that does not give bery accurate colour reproduction in the red end of the spectrum. The colour is scarlet, not angry pink as represented.

18th July 2020

An old picture from 2020 shows the difference. The flower of the typical form on the left.