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Pinguicula grandiflora

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A British native, occasionally encountered in England, although recent floras suggest that it has been planted rather than occurred naturally. Widespread in south west Eire and the mountains of France and northern Spain.

It is probably the easiest of the hardy Pinguiculas to grow, in standard boggy conditions. The dormant winter buds, or hibernaculae (oh yes, there's a word for it!) produce little offsets (sometimes called gemmae) that make propagation easy.
I photographed this plant in the Pynenees because at the time I thought that it could be Pinguicula x scullyi (grandiflora x vulgaris). It had deeper purple flowers than any I had seen before , and a less open, flat faced corolla, but later study knocked that idea on the head!

And I still haven't seen Pinguicula x scullyi !

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