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Roscoea cautleyoides

Archive entry 28.05.06

14th June 2005

Roscoea cautleyoides is probably the commonest of the Roscoeas in cultivation. It is probably the easiest and least demanding of the species to grow and propagate. It can be very variable in the wild, and endless variations have been named. Roscoea cautleyoides is the earliest of the species to flower. The shoots emerge during april , and as they break the soil surface, the yellow flowers burst from the tips. The stems will continue to elongate, until the end of may or later, when they will be growing in stort stems emerging from the top of the 30cm pseudostems. The long leaves are quite narrow and rushlike. As the seed pods swell, the plants will usually produce a second crop of shoots that will grow to about 20cm before flowering in late july or august. This picture shows a rather typical plant in cultivation in full flower. As far as I know there have not yet been any selections named specifically for the reliability of their early flowers springing almost directly from the soil or from very short shoots. 'Early Purple' is certainly early and purple, but it has produced a stem before the first flowers open. Every other potential variation seems to have a variety named for it. They are all quite wonderful!

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