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Trachycarpus fortunei

Archive entry 25.11.05
Archive entry 15.11.22

25th November 2005

The hardiest of the palms. They are spectacular even as quite young plants. This one was grown from seed in 1982 and is slowly expanding. Unfortunately it has to be lifted and planted in a pot, but palms have compact root systems and are are quite forgiving.

30th March 2011

It has taken a long time, but I am finally ready to take it from its pot and plant it out. It hasn't grown very significantly during the potted years but it has survived. The new situation is rather windy but there is a good deep rich soil so it should get away with enthusiasm.

13th January 2014

Growing well now it has settled, I had to add a wire guard to keep the rabbits away. There is a smaller plant nearby that they have chewed down to a stump.

24th May 2019