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Watsonia wilmaniae

Archive entry 13.08.17
Archive entry 05.08.18

I grow a number of different forms of Watsonia wilmaniae. This peachy pink form came from Mark Fillan. The others came from Proper Plants.

Watsonia wilmaniae "A".

1st Augiust 2006

'A' is a good mid pink. It tends to hold on to the dead flowers for longer than I would like, so even in the middle of its flowering period, it is rather droopy and gloomy.

18th July 2007

Watsonia wilmaniae "B".Rather like 'Tresco Dwarf Pink'.

20th July 2006

28th July 2007

Watsonia wilmaniae "C".

1st August 2006

17th August 2007

15th August 2010

Watsonia wilmaniae "D".

17th August 2007

Smaller flowered than 'C', but I think it is the better plant. Unfortunately the flower spikes are a bit lax so there is still room for improvement.

15th August 2010

Watsonia wilmaniae "E". The brightest pink of the forms I grow. It is a nice plant, but it also suffers from weak stems that flop over readily.