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Camellia 'Show Girl'

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21st December 2006

If showgirls are all sequins and cleavage, then this is as well named as a Camellia has ever been. I usually expect this to be the first of the spring Camellias in the garden, and go looking for it on New Years Day. This flower arrived a week early and nearly spoiled the New Year treat. It is all a bit loud and raucous, but there's not much else happening in the garden so I am happy to welcome its deafening pinkness. The first beat in a relentless rosy rhythmn that will eventually leave me with a headache and a festering venomous mouthfull of abuse to spit at 'Debbie' and her ilk. Sad, but that's the way it goes.

6th January 2007

3rd January 2009

25th December 2011

During the last year I have cleared a lot of the shrubs that had crowded in and forced the Camellia upwards. It should now fill out and I am hoping that some more light will give me even earlier flowers.

21st January 2013

Just flowered in time to catch the snow this year.

15th December 2016

Raised by Howard Asper in California. C. sasanqua 'Narumigata' x C. reticulata 'Damanao'.

15th January 2020


  • International Camellia Society online Camellia register, https://internationalcamellia.org