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Clivia caulescens

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7th September 2006

This came to me as C.cyrtanthiflora, but it is clearly C.caulescens. Occurring naturally in the mountain forests of Mpumalanga and Swaziland, often growing among rocks. It characteristically produces tall stems, that can flop over and trail across the ground.

29th June 2007

This plant has flowers that seem to be slightly paler than usual, but it may just be caused by low light levels at flowering time.
The flowers are carried onshort stemmed umbels, at about the same height as the fans of leaves.The green tipped flowers can be carried in very large umbels, and the stigma and stamens are more or less enclosed within the floral tube.

30th January 2008

The flowers go on to form round red berries. The seeds from these ones have now germinated into a handful of young seedlings.

30th January 2008

I have two adult plants of Clivia caulescens. This is the smaller of the two, and it flowered for the first time this year. It has paler flowers than the plant illustrated above (from Reads Nursery).

23rd June 2011

1st June 2012

20th June 2020

Clivia caulescens was named in 1943 when the distinctive thickened stems were seen to distinguish it from C. gardenii and C. nobilis. It grows naturally in rocky areas of Mpumalanga and Swaziland and is never exposed to extreme drought. It has survived occasional significant frosts in the greenhouse here though it would be unlikely to experience low temperatures in habitat.


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