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Crinodendron hookerianum 'Ada Hoffman'

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18th May 2008

The red form of the species is almost without fault, so an addition to the colour range risks gilding the lily. This new pale pink form is so wonderful I rushed out to get it as soon as it became available, and settled for a rather feeble plant as a consequence, so I have to hope it is as sturdy and enthusiastic as the red one.
If it doesn't make it, I will try again until it does!

18th May 2008

I have had a couple of failures with the plant outside, so my most recent attempt is planted in the Hedychium house, where it has rapidly grown larger than can easily be accomodated. It will have to be cut back savagely, it may be cut back savagely and replanted outside. Less dense in growth than the red form.