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Dahlia merckii

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26th August 2006

The plant is not as pale as this picture shows. Possibly the hardiest of the species Dahlias. I grew a lot from seed recently, so at the moment I have it all round the garden. So far they all look very uniform, but I am hoping to be able to select the hardiest and most floriferous.

13th June 2007

5th October 2008

21st June 2009

27th November 2011

Here's a thing you don't see very often, Dahlia in the snow. The winter came very early and very suddenly this year. When I took this picture I had assumed that this was just a sudden unseasonal flurry of snow and everything would be fine for another month or two, but the first week in December froze solid and we didn't thaw for three weeks. It finished off a lot of plants, but Dahlia merckii at least survived - most of the species were killed outright.

29th June 2013

16th September 2016

5th September 2019