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Epipactis gigantea

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14th May 2007

A bog plant from the western USA. I'm not convinced that I have the conditions right yet, but I haven't killed it either. When I was just a little orchidette I grew Epipactis palustris and insisted on killing it in a conventional compost in complete disregard of the warning offered by "palustris". With luck, thirty years of gentle rain will have washed the stupidity from me, and I can get this one to prosper.

21st June 2017

I haven't managed to grow it outside but it has survived in the greenhouse and flowers fairly reliably. I believe it would be happier if it were wetter and I am thinking about ways of achieving that.

12th June 2019

It continues to grow well here and I mean to try a few more of the genus but haven't quite got around to it yet.

25th June 2021

I have split and repotted it this year and it has been astonishingly vigorous as a result.