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Hedychium wardii

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20th September 2004

A truly fantastic recent introduction. There was initially some confusion around its identity. It was also circulated as Hedychium efilamentosum, but it seems to have finally settled under Hedychium wardii. I think it is probably the best of the species in flower. The individual blooms are very large, and pure chrome yellow. They are produced from August through to October in the greenhouse. It could be argued that Hedychium gardnerianum is equally impressive in full flower, but each flower head lasts for only a week or so before it fades. Hedychium wardii has three or more flowers from each bract, produced in sequence, so that the heads continue to produce fresh flowers for up to five weeks.

The flowers are supported on strong five foot stems with large durable bottle green leaves. I am sure it is going to have a bit impact among Hedychium growers.

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