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Platycodon grandiflorus 'Astra'

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8th August 2010

A compact seed strain of the species, developed in Japan for use as pot plants. They flower in a matter of months from seed and will perform well in a 10cm pot, blooming continuously though the summer. Their profile has risen in the last few years as the more traditional bedding plants have developed disease problems in mass production.
They come in a series of colour strains - blue, pink and white singles and blue, pink, lilac and white semi doubles. The 'blue' is not a favourite colour and the white is just white, so I always go for the pinks, and if I could get them I would have the semi-doubles (which are ridiculous). They haven't really taken off here but I am trying a few in the Agave house where they will be uncomfortably warm in summer which they might appreciate.

2nd August 2018