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I grew up quite convinced that I would never grow Vanda with any serious intent. It is a genus with serious tropical tendencies. I have dipped an occasional toe in their tropical waters but only as an amusement to pass time throuigh the flippant days of summer.
Recent taxonomic changes have included the genus Neofinetia in Vanda so it now contains a cold tolerant Japanese species and that was enough to attract my attention. Further research has uncovered some other species that may also tolerate some cold weather through the winter which may be hardy enough to survive in my greenhouse. Time will tell.

  • Vanda (cristata x falacata)
  • Vanda alpina
  • Vanda falcata
  • Vanda 'Tamar View'
  • Vanda tessellata
  • Vanda Hybrids.

  • (Vanda falcata x xVandachostylis Rainbow Stars)
  • x Vandachostylis Baby Angel
  • x Vandachostylis Lou Sneary